Congratulations! You are about to acquire the most remarkable of all recordings ever. Notsinatra is a montage of recordings like no other. Most of the album was recorded while falling from a great height using 1500 foot bungee cords attached to some very exotic recording equipment including ducks and fiber saturated brick mortar. This tribute album to a great man's immortal singing career bears virtually no similarity to any previous tributes and is thoroughly Notsinatra.

Dedicated to Lloyd George Mair Jr.
March 8, 1948 - November 24, 2019 

The Artists:

Foley Ronson - slide baritone
Sister Sioj - lick thumber
Aze Morkum - porch railing
Lentil Joe Bigen - orchards
Stive 'mix' Beeds - article 7
Esther Oh - pipe
Limps Bosstin - hand and knee
Iylee Iffits - cork
Kick Boxy - hole
Dade Femish - bike
Lodorge Don Vic - light meter
Imp Sweden - small bandage
Kin Von Dod - slide sword
Art Toon - bass
Lois Viv - plastic wood
Wheeler Tybar - pink clicker
Landy Boryit - pint containers
Bench Douga - large boards
Risk Benton - oleo horn
Ui Hicks - Tam
Hiffidar Lyponics - creedmore bin
Bon Bon Jones - bin bin
Bontir La Parlo - eyes and lips
Rev. Bon Bin - bin bon
Ook Memberson - toy boat
Liste Sidiwitchkoski - sausage
Pheff Oshinko - tripod rope
Jonny Dogo - english horse
Potts Longy - french horse
Gig Doremty - koluba
Ironhead 'bip' Watson - doorbell
Samy Simpo - pantaloons
Poley Hollow - crutch stopper
Jes Nork - christly wood
Clyde Lafeff - height
Christly Wood - jesnork
Hitter Gravis - ham organ
Andre Fif - jeep harp
Ott Nottz - pica valve
Pens Kilgorenoks - tenor sprinkler
Yipes Cranbig - arthur tongs
Oring Kent Do - simple thin
Ellory Been - police bells
Dr. Arno King - string cheese
Texture Rotbone - leavening
Velventine Herm - hydro mac
Ixty 'Bart' Tesserac - pepper horn
Hijinks MacDoug - cranberrys
Testy Milo - Dave
Vince The Big Che - univox
Oily Mike Barstool - effort rack
Vuiort Sis - lots of things
Willis Lobostein - dark rocks
Atry Tiipen - sinks
Moo Oops Loo - oink sampler
Fort Ape - lords
Ollie Cornbalast - boat whistle
Dorin Teleenbar - chord
Fellit Fierceness - base beard
Tent Mahoney - kill bars
Brent Afterhat - undertone
Dink Licks - lats
Seven Wayfarer - reed bag
Kemp Kimne - socks
Peach Puppethead - lava spoons
Dier Did - brooms
Babbison Trycoleric - herpeschord
Lu Lu Vicdamona - perks
Diaphonous Lembik - tatortone
Diana Rigly - hat plates
Arthritic Stephanie - bimperstops
Johny Homerkin - basement pads
Ork Leanover - whybangers
Shemp Mcmucking - brats
Ted 'the pumpkin' Eltospee - piano
Siamese Judy - cats
Oley Oscarkle - jungle gym
Ribs Mctaco - black bird
Aaaaaag Wiffieman - bent easter thing
Brad Upyours - benders
Crossroad Barney - pistol whip
Stupid Sally Roget - this n' that
Mrs. Papaloose - Indian blanket
Tick Tick Laroose - shirt horn
Awful Big Henderson - whatever the heck he wants
Son of Sunny 7 - fish bon bons
Dave 'Dave' Davis - trupest
Confused Lenny - broken machines
Billy Martinizing - irons
'Whoops' Larry Larry - toad synth
Breaken d' Glase - smash pus
Orkan McDooDow - home town frown
Lordy Havmircy - prayer domes
Eel 'Snake' Wormish Slime - trombone
Backwards Andy Grippi - sacks of dung
Berny Feh - tire tool
So So Soozie - leg buttons
Screamin' Jeff Geewiz - wishing well
Ge Sus Jones - templates
Teeth Elmore - wire stem
Hardy Harphar - plant stems
Ik Bok - rock
Tenaseep Halherbamer - pastor and paris
Wah Wah Misty Adams - camels
Bad Wallace Mistit Ipple - tin pie
Whitey Noise - white noise
Perse Arnal - sip sips
Tin Cup Davis - tin cup
Gig Yu Ke - tape
Femmish Tennish - davis cup
Dan Ce - light bulbs
Whalebones 'Newark' Delaware - tenor fax
Bin Dare Gon - telephone keys
Cran Being - lick sticks
Stops Stoppington - f-stops
Ya Ya Holiwar - rewind
Jerk Johansson - swish trombell
Don Kehody - seismology
Wipe Stinkerton - smellophone
Charlie Park Here - cold train
Billy 'Now and Then' Lillerlill - fedora
Huge Master Killer - cereal
Totally Root - wolf hooker
Ruth Fullajuice - retarded laughs
Birdie 'Bird' Birdbird - fluke
Eric Bourbon - animals

Produced by, mair, rodgers, calfa 

© 1990