1% Goat

From the leader of the 1960’s world-wide cult phenomenon ‘The Driving Stupid’ comes a collection of tunes the likes of which the world has never heard. Roger Kelley (a.k.a. Kelley Rodgers) and George Calfa have composed and recorded an album of the most ridiculous music ever prepared for the planet. The genre is unique, the sounds even more so. This never released 80’s album was tied up in litigation for years due to incompetence and stupidity on the part of the record label which originally signed the group. After spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars, the album has finally been released.

1% Goat were at one time rumored to be Almostok and Skim, two immigrants who escaped from behind the iron curtain in a car they’d carved from a bar of soap. This is a falsehood. They are Americans, and proud of it!

Kelley Rodgers - Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals

George Calfa - Keyboards, Vocals

Bill Rutkoski - Background Vocals, (Mothersome Crack)

The album has been resurrected as a digital download, after being out of print for over a decade.

All music except 'Feelings' written and performed by 1% Goat © 1988,2003 George Calfa & Kelley Rodgers.

Feelings' performed by 1% Goat © Louis Gasté & Morris Albert. License purchased through Loudr.