George Calfa & Friends

George Calfa - vocals & keyboards

Shemp Mcmucking - bass

Wipe Stinkerton - drums

Screamin' Jeff Geewiz - guitar

Dr. Arno King - guitar

Arthritic Stephanie - saxophone

Siamese Judy - background vocals

Filbin Ortega - gong, & orchestral percussion

© george calfa

" I drifting in a simulation..."

"…because I'm cognitively there... "

"...trying to fight it but losing control..."

"Why does Cher Look like a Tranny, and Mary Hart from Entertainment Tonight? All those old broads trying to look young...The only thing they look like is well-hung... "

" hair, just like bozo the clown..."

"I wanna' be just like you,"

"I wanna' walk around without a frigging clue."

"It must be so nice to be living in oblivion."

Someone brought her coffee... She didn't know his name... He had a "singsongy" voice... Angie called him Hip Hop...