Green Midnight

Green Midnight is a collection of 12 instrumental songs that will soothe and transport you to a place far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Songs from the CD have appeared in the following films:

Illegal Hope is a documentary film about a family’s emotional journey as the mother is diagnosed with a brain tumor and given a 3% chance of survival in the United States. Unwilling to give up, the family seeks alternative treatment. The family is torn between the U.S. doctors offering chemotherapy and radiation versus alternative treatments in an unlikely place, Mexico.

Chasing Dora is a documentary directed by Wes Brown, the grandson of Bruce Brown (Endless Summer) and son of Dana Brown (Step into Liquid) that was shot in Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa starring the Endless Summer II's Robert 'Wingnut' Weaver, surfing legend Mickie Munoz and shaper Marc Andreini, and was inspired by The Surfer's Journal article 'The Aquatic Ape' by the legendary Miki Dora.

Behind The Mask: A unique look inside the underground world of the Animal Liberation Front; clandestine animal liberation activists that put their lives and freedom on the line so that animals may be free.

We Love You, Mrs. Bevins: A documentary about comedians entertaining the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Produced by 5 Arts Entertainment, and directed by John Bizarre.

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