The Jamaican-American Electro-Trance-Funk master, L.G. Mair Jr., born in New York City, has played bass for such well known performers as B.J. Thomas, and Freddy Fender. In this album he reunites with George Calfa, cofounder of the eighties underground sensation, “1% Goat,” for their second album: S.L.I.P. – 2004. Their self-titled debut album, S.L.I.P. was well received in Europe in the early 90s, most notably in Berlin, where the original version of “Sin By Sin” was played regularly on the radio. S.L.I.P. – 2004: It’s Frank Zappa, The Tubes and their own secret sauce, mixed with heart-pounding pulsating rhythms.

© George Calfa & L.G. Mair, Jr. 

Dedicated to Lloyd George Mair Jr.

March 8, 1948 - November 24, 2019